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Challenging Times

Cameron has grown from a child to young man at Kennel Lane, and is developing independence…

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Individual Care

Kennel Lane provides Aisha with a happy and stimulating environment…

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Settling In

Six months at Kennel Lane transformed Daniel into a happy, confident young boy…

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First Impressions

Morgan’s progress at Kennel Lane has been phenomenal, says Lizz…

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Special needs facilities

Kennel Lane has been the perfect school for Laura to grow up, says Kirsty…

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Enrichment activities

Gaynor works at Kennel Lane and enjoys seeing daughter Megan thrive at school…

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Peace of mind

Louise has total trust in the staff at Kennel Lane who care for Savannah’s complex needs…

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Perfect placement

For the first time in his life Carl is happy to be at school, says Annemarie…

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After further consideration the decision has been taken for the school to remain closed on Friday 02nd March. Our risk assessment has been reviewed and based on the continued and predicted weather forecast it has been deemed as unsafe for the school to open. We hope you understand our decision and we are sorry for any continued inconvenience it may cause you.

Jenny Baker (Acting Headteacher) and Peter Floyd (Chair of Governors)

MET Office Update for Friday 02nd March Further snow showers or perhaps longer spells of snow are likely at times through Friday. There is an increasing chance that a further spell of more persistent snow may move north into parts of southern England, Wales and central England during the day. Icy stretches are likely on untreated surfaces. In addition, strong winds will lead to further drifting or blowing around of existing snow cover.