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Links with other professionals

Teaching staff working with the young people who attend Kennel Lane School are part of a wider team that includes professionals from other agencies. We often share information and request involvement for the benefit of young people in our care. Where a specific young person is discussed in a meeting with professionals, outcomes from any meetings will be communicated to parents and carers. The ongoing dialogue with the professionals and families is essential to provide the best possible opportunities for our young people. We hope that by maintaining regular communication, we will contribute to young people’s wellbeing, achievement and independence.

Kennel Lane School will request that copies of reports from our professional partners, including the NHS services, are shared electronically as well as in paper form. We will store copies of these reports on the school computer system. If you have any questions about how this information will be stored and used, please contact Maureen Steele, School Secretary.

Brett Davies

SENCO Letter to parents

Student Absence (Illness)

Request for Leave during Term Time