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In partnership with the Headteacher, the Governing Body provides strategic leadership to the school.

The Governing Body at Kennel Lane School has a strong focus on three core functions:

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
• Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its learners and for the performance management of staff
• Overseeing the financial and other resources of the school, making sure that money is well spent and that the school environment is developed and maintained

Our Governors

Members of the Governing Body are all volunteers. They are either appointed by another body, elected by parents/carers or co-opted by the existing governing body. There are regulations which determine the overall composition of school governing bodies but there is freedom within the regulations that allows each governing body to determine its own membership in order to best meet the needs of the school.

The composition of the Kennel Lane School Governing Body is set out in the Instrument of Governance.

The Clerk to the Governing Body is John Carroll:

Contact with any member of the Governing Body can be made through the Clerk via this email or addressed to the school. The Clerk can also provide more information about the work of the Governing Body in the first instance.

Peter Floyd – Co-opted Governor

Beverley Mitchell – Parent Governor

Membership of the governing body 2017-18 Academic Year

Name Membership Category Membership of Sub-Committee Date Appointed Term of Office Ends
Jennifer Baker Staff Governor Finance & Site January 2016 Resigned December 2019
Sandra Beadon Parent Governor Curriculum June 2011 June 2019
Johann Diaz Co-opted Governor Finance & Site
Progress & Attainment
October 2017 October 2021
Peter Floyd Co-opted Governor Staffing
Progress & Attainment
May 2016 May 2020
Martin Gocke Local Authority Governor Finance & Site
Progress & Attainment
October 2017 October 2021
Gaynor Higgins Co-opted Governor Finance & Site
Progress & Attainment
May 2015 May 2019
Farah Khalid Parent Governor tba November 2017 November 2021
Stuart McCann Staff Governor tba January 2018 January 2018
Beverley Mitchell Parent Governor Staffing
Progress & Attainment
February 2013 February 2021
Anne Shillcock Co-opted Governor Curriculum
September 1994 May 2019
Steven Squires Co-opted Governor Curriculum
Finance & Site
September 2017 September 2021

Members of Governing Body during 2016-17 Academic Year, since resigned

Name Membership Category Membership of sub-committee Date Appointed Term of Office Ends
Jennifer Baker Staff Governor Finance & Site January 2016 Resigned December 2019
Johann Diaz Parent Governor Finance & Site
Progress & Attainment
October 2009 October 2017
Carole Draper Local Authority Governor Curriculum
February 2009 February 2017
Carole Draper Co-Opted Governor Curriculum
February 2017 July 2017
Martin Gocke Co-Opted Governor Finance & Site
Progress & Attainment
September 2010 Resigned October 2017
Katherine Giles Parent Governor Curriculum February 2016 Resigned October 2017

Specific Governor Duties

The Chair of Governors, appointed in September 2017 is Peter Floyd.
The Vice Chair of Governors, appointed in September 2016 is Beverley Mitchell.

Other Governors have specific responsibilities:

  • Safeguarding – Peter Floyd and Sandra Beadon
  • SEN Governor – Johann Diaz
  • Pupil Premium – Martin Gocke
  • Development – Sandra Beadon
  • Careers – Beverley Mitchell

Conducting our business

The Governing Body meets frequently throughout the year. In addition to the full Governing Body we have four sub-committees. Each sub-committee agrees its Terms of Reference with the full Governing Body and appoints its own chair.


The four sub-committees of the Governing Body are:

Curriculum Chair: Anne Shillcock Terms of Reference
Finance & Site Chair: Martin Gocke Terms of Reference
Staffing Chair: Beverely Mitchell Terms of Reference
Progress & Attainment Chair: Peter Floyd Terms of Reference

The meeting schedule for the current school year is found here.

The Governing Body occasionally convenes short term working groups to focus on particular aspects of its responsibilities.

The Governing Body has identified how it will meet its Statutory Responsibilities and set this out here.

At its first meeting in the academic year the Governing Body reaffirms its Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct.

Attendance at Meetings

The Governing Body must publish a register of attendance at its meetings over the past academic year. The attendance register is published here.

The Governing Body is required to publish a Register of Interests for its members. This must include relevant business interests of governors and their partners, other schools that they govern and relationships between governors and school staff including spouses, partners and relatives:

Governing Body Declaration of Interests 2017/18

Name Position Nature of Interest Date Interest Commenced
Sandra Beadon Parent Governor Partner – IT Consultant
Johann Diaz Co-opted Governor IT Consultancy
Peter Floyd Co-opted Governor
Martin Gocke Local Authority Governor College Hall Management Committee (Chair)
Chair of Trustees at Youthline
Spouse – teacher at Holly Spring Infant School
December 2010
June 2011
September 2005
Gaynor Higgins Co-opted Governor
Farah Khalid Parent Governor
Stuart McCann Staff Governor
Beverley Mitchell Parent Governor Learner and Talent Consultancy
Spouse – Network Cabling
Anne Shillcock Co-opted Governor
Steven Squires Co-opted Governor

Governors resigning since September 2017

Name Position Nature of Interest Date Interest Commenced
Jennifer Baker Staff Governor College Hall Management Committee
Carol Draper Local Authority Governor
Co-opted Governor
Katherine Giles Parent Governor

Statutory Documentation

Governor Meetings

Curriculum Committee

Finance & Site Committee

Governing Body Attendance
at Meetings

Governing Body Delegation
Plan 2015

Kennel Lane School November 2017
Instrument of Governance

KLS FGB-Code of Conduct

Progress and Attainment
Committee TOR-2017

Staffing Committee
TOR 2017