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16-19 BURSARY FUND 2017-18

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is money given to local authorities, schools, colleges and other education and training providers (institutions) to give to disadvantaged learners.  Its purpose is to provide financial support to help learners overcome specific barriers to participation, so they can remain in education.

Bursaries should be sufficient to help learners to meet the costs related to coming to school, for example, transport, books, equipment, field trips and other course related costs.

Who is elegible?

  • Young People in care.
  • Disabled young people who are in full time education and in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.
  • Please note, that learners claiming because they get DLA (or PIP) must also be claiming ESA as well. These two benefits MUST be in combination.

If you believe your young person may be eligible for this funding please could you complete the attached ‘Application Form – Consideration of funds from the 16-19 Bursary Fund 2016-17’.   Please could your supporting evidence for your application be handed in to the School Secretary or emailed to secretary@kennellaaneschool.com.

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Bursary Funding Application Form


After much consideration the decision has been taken to close the school on Thursday 01st March. A risk assessment has been carried out based on the predicted weather forecast and it has been deemed as unsafe to open for the following reasons; if weather conditions were to worsen throughout the day on Thursday due to transport arrangements learners cannot leave the site early, if weather conditions worsen overnight some of our staff travel long distances and might not be able to commute to work making learner to staff ratios unsafe and Kennel Lane is not a red route road and therefore may not be gritted making it difficult for vehicles to come in and out. In addition to this unlike other schools with a local catchment, our learners come from a very wide geographical area meaning that we have to consider additional weather forecasts which also predict heavy snow. These learners may not be able to return home on transport if the weather worsens during the day. We have made this decision tonight and not in the morning so as to be able to notify the relevant transport companies as some of our learners and staff have long journeys which begin at 7.30am. We hope you understand our decision and We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Jenny Baker (Acting Headteacher) and Peter Floyd (Chair of Governors)

Met Office – 19.20pm - Bracknell