Hello everyone at Kennel Lane School!  First of all, thank you for allowing me to say my goodbyes and expressing my feelings and views of my time at this magnificent and very hospitable community and I have always respected the values and expectations.   Furthermore, I have always shown mutual respect towards to all.

Staff and students could learn a lot from them I have always felt proud to be a part of this school and I want to inspire other learners to do the same.  This school has played a vital role in terms of my personal and academic development.  I would also like to thank everyone who I have worked with and I would like to thank my class team and my class teachers, also all the teachers I have worked with.  I have learned a lot from everyone in the school.  Many thanks, best wishes, goodbye! 

Year 11 leaver


Improved speech

Matthew is finally being helped to fulfil his potential in the supportive environment of Kennel Lane School.


Enjoying learning

Ruben now has a bright future because of the valuable skills he has learnt in the supportive environment of Kennel Lane School


Exceeding expectations

Darcie-Mae is progressing in leaps and bounds thanks to the caring staff at Kennel Lane School


Improved communication

Jamie is now making steady progress with the help of the dedicated staff at Kennel Lane School


Enjoying learning

Mimi is now flourishing and is keen to take part in everything thanks to the supportive staff at Kennel Lane School