Woodlands Hub

Learners within the Woodlands Hub have a wide variety of abilities and talents. They also have complex learning needs, including all or some of the following: physical, sensory and medical needs. Some of the learners may have profound ASC which impacts upon their learning and progress.

The Woodland’s curriculum follows a stage, not age, approach and comprises learners from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5. Our learners require a bespoke approach to their education as the way they learn is unique to them.

Our curriculum takes a holistic view of the learners by focussing on how they best learn, using their motivators and interests to capture and retain engagement

Part 1 – Curriculum – Rationale

Part 2 – Curriculum – Areas of the Curriculum and Principles

Part 3 – Curriculum – Sub areas of the curriculum

Part 4 – Curriculum – Long Term Plan – Topics

Part 5 – Curriculum – Rolling Topic planner

Part 6 – Curriculum – Teaching and Learning approaches