Valuing Achievement – Encouraging Independence


We enable our learners to understand the world around them, to become fulfilled individuals and active and compassionate citizens by providing an innovative and valuable education.

Our Eight Key Priorities:

In relation to our learners we will ensure that:

  1. We keep the emphasis unremittingly on the development of the whole learner.
  2. We deliver consistently high quality teaching and learning.
  3. We encourage all learners to make good or better progress.
  4. We work tirelessly to diminish the difference and overcome disadvantage.

In relation to the school culture and organisation we will strive to:

  1. Grow capacity and sustainability.
  2. Build a culture of teamwork and collective accountability, including the efficient use of resources and taking pride in our learning environment.
  3. Develop and maintain high levels of staff job satisfaction and fulfilment.
  4. Strengthen partnerships within and across schools.

Our shared ethos is founded on collaboration, positivity and is solution focused.
In practice this means we…

  • Make time to listen

  • Compromise

  • Try to understand

  • Smile and encourage

  • Notice

  • Value and appreciate

  • Treat everyone with dignity

  • Keep each other safe and free from emotional and physical harm

  • Learn together and forever

  • Challenge

  • Persevere

  • Innovate and lead

  • Are reflective

  • Share

  • Celebrate and reward achievements