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2020 Leavers Assembly Video

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Session 1 – Being Awesome

Session 2 – Unlocking Your Mind

Session 3 – Dare To Take Risks

Session 4 – Making The Change

Session 5 – Lost But Not Lost

Session 6 – Bouncebackability

Session 7 – What Is Normal Anyway

Session 8 – Friendships & Fallouts

Session 9 – Living Well

Tour of the Secondary School – With Video!

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Be Awesome – Go Big – Workbook

KS 3 – Transition Handbook

Welcome To Transition

Daniel – Welcome

Jack Salter – Welcome

Palesa – Welcome

Sean – Welcome

Transition letter Ash

Transition letter Bay

Transition letter Elm

Transition letter Oak

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Emma – Video Welcome

Liam Video #1

Liam Video #2

Meet The Stick Insects

Alieuns entry

Alieuns entry v2

David W

David W – Letter

Emma Video Script